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Hi everybody !! Long time no see~



I 'm very busy but now I'm in vacation ^3^ Woo!!



The good news that I have in This year is.....



I moved school in next term ~~~~


Chiang Mai Christian School to Montfort college


  I just try my best in new school. I hope i will met good people ~


Ok just go a head!!



Thailand have a beautiful culture and interesting place and i will show you guys some festival




This is "Loy krathong" Festival in Chiang Mai



let me show you some story of this festival !



Loy Krathong Festival in Chiangmai

Undoubtedly the biggest and most colorful festival of the year in Thailand is Loy Kratong or Yi Peng, as it is known in Chiang Mai and the north. It is held on the night of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month and usually falls in November.

At this time of year the tide in most rivers is highest and the moon is brightest, creating a romantic ideal setting - especially for lovers. The Thai people see it as the best time for celebration on such a beautiful night.


Chiang Mai is one of the prime sites to celebrate the Loy Kratong festival. During the celebration, the largest Kratongs are decorated floats and carried on trucks in procession. The colorfully lit floats form a long glittering parade as they make their ways to the Ping River. Meanwhile, up above thousands of 'khom loy' (floating lanterns) drift into the night sky. These large balloon-like lanterns are released at temples and sometimes from private homes in the hope that misfortune flies away with them.  


Loy Kratong is probably the most picturesque and most beautiful of Thai celebrations. 'Loy' literally means 'to float' and 'Kratong' refers to the lotus-shape vessel that can float on water. Originally, the kratong was made of banana leaves or the layers of the trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant. A kratong contains food, betel nuts, flowers, joss sticks, candle and coins. The making of a kratong is much more creative these days as many more materials have been applied in making a kratong.


The Loy Kratong ritual is simple one. One needs only to light the candles and the joss sticks, make one's wishes and let it float away with the current of a river or a canal. On that day, thousands of people will gather besides the canals and rivers. With Kratong in hands, they light the candle, put some coins in the kratong and silently make a wish and finally carefully place their kratongs in the water and release them to the current. They watch intently as the float drifts silently downstream, hoping that the candle will not go out. Its flame is said to signify longevity, fulfillment of wishes and release from sins. Altogether it is considered a romantic night for couples and lovers, many of them would make a wish to bless their love affairs as they float their Kratong on the river.

In Chiang Mai the Ping River becomes a sea of glittering floating lights, fireworks are let off everywhere, particularly along the river banks and there is a parade each night although the Chiang Mai streets.


Credit :: http://www.thailand.com/travel/festival/festivals_chiangmai_loykratong.htm



And I have opportunity to join in this festival.



And i've took pictures a lot. let me show you  Start !!!






"khom loy" (floating lanterns) in the sky


Location at Nawarat bridge.




People in the bridge. You can see many people



Some of people ready to dift "khom loy" into the sky



The largest kratongs parade had started for a while  but  i came late Sorry







Beautiful right? 


Why lots of people waited for this parade??


i will show you some reason~



Beacause of Handsome and beutiful model



look like an actor and an actress right ?


and because of beautiful parade !!


















The parade of The far eastern university.










From Tesco lotus






From Maejo University.















And some foreigners want to take a pictures but they can't


and they're....



Just try your best 



So cool man !! 











From Chiang Mai university












From .... I can't remember Sorry





From 12+








In Khua lek (Iron bride)



In the sky



Me ~



And finally ~



Beautiful festical , beautiful memory.


I would like you guys to travel in Chiang Mai or Thailand.


And you will Can't take your eyes of this~


"Thailand is more than you think !"



See you next entry !




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